Vertical Jump BibleJumping. Jumping is one of those things that we don’t think about a lot, unless we’re involved in athletics and training. What if there was an all-inclusive way for us to increase our vertical and our distance, making our legs stronger in the process? The Jump Manual offers all of this and more. Let’s check it out.

How did the Jump Manual get started?

The Jump Manual was started by Jacob W. Hiller, a certified personal trainer and performance enhancement coach. His journey to the Jump Manual started like many of these programs – as an answer to his own lack of performance.

Jacob was an average basketball player who couldn’t get his vertical past the mid 20’s. He tried program after program to no avail. Even in college, he did both basketball and track and field and didn’t even break a 30-inch vertical. His coaches were great, but Jacob wasn’t getting the results he needed.

Jacob then went on a mission trip for 2 years. He didn’t train or play basketball during this time, but in his free time he speculated on why his training wasn’t working. After this analysis and speculation, he developed a program and started to train athletes where he was living and serving. Jacob started to see results and took the time to research and test more vertical jumping programs with these athletes.

Jacob didn’t train himself during this time, so after he got back, he started training himself. His vertical skyrocketed, and he decided to share the techniques that he was learning with the masses. He developed what he refers to as a multi-faceted approach. Now, ten years later, he can jump over 40 inches and he has helped other athletes break 40 inches.

What is the Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual is an “all-in-one” multi-faceted vertical jump training program. It comes in the form of software, and it gives you everything you need in order to increase your vertical. No need for extra outside tools – the Jump Manual has it all, and is compatible with all computer operating systems. Here’s what you get in the software program.

-          Workout charts that help you obtain maximum effectiveness. You will always get results.

-          Complete video library. Each video shows you exactly how to do every single exercise and stretch. No guessing.

-          Nutrition plans that can help you increase gains and prevent injury. You want to build muscle, and what you eat can play a huge role in that.

-          One-on-one email training that will help you maximize your results. All your personal questions will

-          Alternatives in case you don’t have access to a weight room – everything in this program can be done without any additional materials, but you can utilize them if you have them.

-          Training forum

-          Interviews from NBA coaches, shooting coaches, and professional athletes.

-          Instructions for portable nutrition.

-          Training vocabulary and terms.

This isn’t all. The Jump Manual is constantly updated and will give you all of the resources that you need in order to reach your fullest vertical potential, no matter where you are starting from.


What are other people saying about the Jump Manual?

So, now that we understand what the Jump Manual is all about, why don’t we take a look at what people are saying about the program and how it has helped them get more vertical than they ever have before.

“What I was most surprised about the training program was how little time it took each day to get those kinds of results. 2 weeks after doing the training I was jumping higher. I was quicker and dunking easily. My training will never be the same and I would recommend without hesitation to all my team mates. Thanks again.” – Stephen W.

“I showed your workout to my coach (former coach of the Czechoslovakian National team volleyball) and he told me it looks good, but if I won’t get any results in the first month, then I have to stop. I’ve done your workout for two weeks now and I’ve already gained 3 inches!!”– Toni B.

“… As for the Jump Manual…it’s def. the first workout I’ve been on that has pushed my legs and whole core to new levels. I am currently at a weight of 160 lbs [5'5"] and with this program my final set of leg press is at 810, which before I wouldn’t even dreamed of doing this much. I have gained 5.5 inches on my vert.” – B. T.

If you want to increase your vert for sports like volleyball or just impress your friends while you’re balling on the street, then you may want to consider the Jump Manual. It can help you to reach heights that you’ve never reached before.

Why not try The Jump Manual for yourself. Click here to go to the safe official site and remember if you are not completely satisfied Jacob offers a 60 day money back guarantee; so what have you got to lose?

Still not convinced?  Then take a look a Jacob’s Free workbook “Jump Higher in 45 Minutes” by clicking here.  It is full of useful tips that could get you on the path to reaching heights you’d only previously dreamed of!


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